Don was an admitted crackhead, an illness for which he ended up in prison for life.  Even the judge in the sentencing transcript remarks that the sentence he was forced to impose would likely not have been what he would have chosen if he had any discretion.  Because of the charges and conviction, the judge was mandated by law to impose a mandatory minimum sentence of life imprisonment.  And this sentence was for a “smoker” not a dealer, certainly not a drug conspirator.  

Don was a man who slept on a couch on his mother’s front porch, didn’t even have one change of clothes, would beg at the corner store for quarters and dimes just to get a piece of crack, and would sell a plate of boudin that people would make for him so he could get another piece of crack cocaine.  As Don stated, “Who would trust me with anything?”  Because of his addiction, he got caught up in supposed drug dealing even though he had know idea was happening.  He was simply in the wrong places at the wrong times so he could regularly feed his addiction.  And now he will spend the rest of his life in prison instead of getting the appropriate substance abuse addiction treatment and other support services he truly needed to get “rehabilitated”.  Not perfect by any means, but certainly not someone who deserves life in prison, especially when what he really needed was a drug abuse recovery program that would actually work for him.  

And the War on Drugs rages on and Don is in prison for life making money for someone…




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