Day 22

Hey friends.  I took a little time today to streamline the blog site.  I added a page with links to stories, a “realities” page with summary of statistics and other comments on the situation we find ourselves in, and a Facebook “like” link and list of posts on the right side of the blog site.  

The numbers of readers have dwindled quite a bit over the last week.  For those faithful readers out there, thank you!  And help! One of my main purposes in this journey is to share the true stories and realities of the poor and oppressed.  To accomplish this goal, I need your help.  Please continue to share (best option!), like, post, tweet, and simply discuss these stories and lived experiences of those in chains.  And please send me comments, stories, resources, and anything and everything else that may be relevant to how we can work together to observe, inform, reflect, advocate, and transform.  

With this said, I hope that the updates to the blog may help encourage more readers, leading to greater awareness and resulting in transformational compassion, mercy, and love.    

Thank you for what each of you do to usher in the abundant Life and Beloved Community that we all so deeply and desperately long for…whether we know it or not.  

In humility, loving mercy, and doing justice, be strong and courageous as more than conquerors with our God who is Love.


One comment

  1. I wanted to let you know that I love what you are doing…not only that you are brave enough to show your passion for the oppressed through the wearing of the orange scrubs, but that you are telling their stories. I teach bible study to women at a safe house who are just coming out of jail, and out of rehab. I really love this population, and I know how valuable they are. Once you hear their stories, and really get to know them, you start to understand. I know I can connect with them, because I lot of my experiences are very similar to their, minus some mental illness and jail time.

    Thank you for what you do, and for sharing. I hope I can do more in the future with this population. I would love to go to school and become an addiction counselor. No money to do that, but it’s a dream. In the meantime, I’ll keep working with the ladies on a volunteer basis, and loving them like Jesus.


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