Thad, silenced      Marcus, silenced     Don, silenced

Perry, silenced      Diane, silenced     Jeanne, silenced

Walter, silenced    Alberta, silenced     Scott, silenced

Mr. W, silenced     Homar and Marie, silenced

Curt, silenced       Federal Agent Smith, silenced

Janice, silenced     Kevin, silenced     Jeff, silenced

Joy, silenced     Danny, silenced     Bubba, silenced

George, silenced     Michael, silenced   Diane, part 2, silenced

Emma, silenced     Martin, silenced

Clifford, silenced     Adam, silenced     Carly, silenced

Ryan, silenced     Kristi, silenced     Clinton, silenced

Aaron, silenced     Lou, silenced     Josh, silenced

Jay, silenced     Joan, silenced     Naz and Hope, silenced

Eloisa and Nick, silenced     Noemi, silenced     Cynthia, silenced

Susan, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, Raymond, The Cruz Family, and…, silenced

Jesus, silenced

Martin Luther King, Jr., silenced

Gandhi, silenced

Oscar Romero, silenced

Countless others, silenced

We tend to silence the folks who want to level the playing field on behalf of the marginalized. And as we go, we take out the poor and oppressed with them.

You and me, silent.  silencing.  silenced.

But not for long.  Love wins.  Life conquers.  And they are LOUD.

Life everlasting has victoriously swallowed death.
Hey, Death! What happened to your big win?
    Hey, Death! What happened to your sting?




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