“Authentic Christian worship is a disturbing event.  In worship, God is present among us, challenging us to recognize sin, embrace our enemies, transform our lives, and proclaim the kingdom in the world.  It is a dangerous, precarious, explosive undertaking.”

— Herbert Anderson and Edward Foley in Mighty Stories, Dangerous Rituals, p. 52

Join us for this dangerous, precarious, explosive undertaking every Wednesday during Lent.  We are not the organizers of this event, but we will be willing participants.  So, wear your Orange in solidarity and in acted out prayer for those who suffer injustice related to a broken criminal justice system.

You can buy a t-shirt for $12 at the Mission Waco main office at 1315 N. 15th St., Waco, TX 76707.  Call 254-753-4900 to check on availability.  We have only some XLs left until Wednesday, when we will get a new batch in with various sizes.  Also, email us at 40daysinorange@gmail.com if we need to arrange shipping for you.  We welcome support from anywhere we can get it!

Lenten services flyer


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